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Our mission at Coronado is “Serving God, Sharing Love,” and we do an excellent job of fulfilling this. But, we are going to do even more as part of the East Central District’s 4th annual SundayServe project. Each year churches across the East Central District work to accomplish service projects in their communities. The main goal is to serve our community and to reignite the spirit to serve within us as a congregation. So this year, Coronado is going to leave the building and serve in new ways on Sunday, September 27!

What can I do on SundayServe?

Many options means there is some- thing for everyone. Find your passion and participate. Choose from activities as diverse as handing out water to hot motorists on Flagler Avenue to working with shore restoration at the Marine Discovery Center.

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An important part of SundayServe is letting the community know who we are; so new CCUMC T-shirts have been designed and are here. We are very excited about them and want to fill the community with members who are wearing them – and not only for SundayServe but for any mission activity we are doing locally or elsewhere. We will begin distributing the T-shirts on Sunday, September 6, in the Courtyard. We have sizes Small-2XL— something for everyone.

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What if you won’t be here that day? Just tell us on that sign up form when you wish to pick it up, and we will have it ready for you then. T-shirts are available to everyone. If you wish to make a donation, the cost of a T-shirt is $5. *Note: if you will not arrive until the winter, please sign up for a shirt, and we will have it for you when you return.

We want everyone to participate!