Sermons from April 2016

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May 1 – Why I Love Being A United Methodist


Sermon: Grace, Free Will, Reason, and Method Scripture:¬†Ephesians 2:8 Last week we covered a quick history of the movement which became the United Methodist Church. This week we are considering the theological contributions and emphases that the movement has given to the Christian community. We have a unique and wonderful place in the Christian community. […]

April 24: Why I Love Being a United Methodist


A Brief View of the Mission and History of the United Methodist Church During the month leading up to the General Conference, we are focusing on some of the strengths of the United Methodist Church. This morning we are focusing on the history and mission of a movement which started inside the Church of England […]

April 17: The Prophetic Voice of Martin Luther King, Jr


We have seen throughout Lent that Jesus and the teachings of Jesus can sometimes have percieved political undertones. Martin Luther King Jr was first and foremost a follower of Jesus. He was called by God to be a servant of the Gospel, a preacher, a proclaimer of the Word and prophetic voice in his homeland. […]

April 3: “Their Eyes Were Opened”


“Their Eyes Were Opened”: Christ Made Known through Word and Table Fellowship Like these two disciples, we come together in our brokenness before God, listen to God’s word, and recognize Jesus our Savior in the breaking of the bread. Will not our hearts burn within us? Scripture:¬†Luke 24:13-35