Sermon Series: Wesley Fellowship Groups

As much as many Christians would prefer, Christ following cannot be reduced to a list of beliefs or a set of ethical rules. Christ following is nothing short of a worldview changing new life. In so many different ways, Jesus tells us to leave our old life behind, even die to our old ways and start over, birthed into a new reality. It is nothing short of moving from self-serving love to self-giving unconditional love. Without outside help we cannot sustain this life change or encourage others to join us. Intentional discipleship (Christ following) through small groups whose aim is intentional discipleship makes all the difference. Have you ever been part of a life-changing small group?

The five tenets of Wesley Fellowship Groups are:

  • ¬†learning/study
  • service
  • accountability
  • fellowship/community
  • worship/devotion

Sermon: Love One Another

Scripture: 1 John 4:7-13, 21; Acts 2:42-47