Sermon Series: Revelations

Sermon Title: The Lamb:Our Redemption in Jesus Christ

This week is see tucked in and sometimes hidden in the imagery of Revelation the central place of Jesus in the grand scheme. Sometimes missed due to the code and the mystical views and horrific descriptions the main point of Revelation is the Hope that comes from God through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. When we call Jesus the Lamb of God we are confessing that God delivers us, God saves us. While Revelation seems to focus on what God saves us from, the gospel message and the words of Jesus speak to what God saves us for. Namely, to love God and love our neighbors. The gospels are written to an audience who is about living while unfortunately Revelation seems to be written to an audience who is about to die.

Scripture: Revelation 5:6-14

Today we are in the heart of Revelation, the imagery is awe inspiring and actually distracting. We have to be discerning as we read. The code can distract us as well. The four living creatures represent the four gospel writers. The 24 elders represent the 12 tribes of Israel as well as the 12 Disciples. The 7 attributes of the lamb remind us that the Lamb is perfect. These are the verses that the Christian tradition has to credit for calling Jesus the Lamb of God.